Trees for All

Shankill Tidy Towns and Crann in co-operation with Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and the local community have taken the initiative to plant more than 13,242 trees in the environs of the village – one tree for every resident.

This project is their contribution to offset the carbon emissions of the community and contribute positively to Ireland’s greenhouse gas abatement strategy. It is hoped that this project will be a nationwide initiative that Tidy Towns groups could emulate in future years.

The trees will also help contribute to the conservation and enhancement of Biodiversity in Shankill and the group have set up a nursery with a seed bank for future generations. The “Trees for All” project is about people in the community taking action today that will reap benefits for our children and grandchildren – a thriving landscape full of life. The name Shankill is believed to derive from the Irish, Sean Choill meaning ‘Old Wood’.  It is with this in mind that the community hope to restore parts of Shankill to its former tree clad, woodland splendour!