Graffiti is an issue that impacts all members of our community, our environment and landscape. Shankill Tidy Towns have an ongoing graffiti removal team that remove graffiti as soon as possible as rapid removal of graffiti is a proven prevention tool, we also have a stock of different paints to cover up/paint and help keep Shankill graffiti free.

Graffiti is a Community Concern – Get Involved!

It is important that everyone do their part in keeping both public and private properties free of graffiti in order to help Shankill stay clean and beautiful. Elimination of graffiti from walls, fences, signs and other structures are prime ways for instilling community pride.

What You Can Do:

  • Report any graffiti and location to Shankill Tidy Towns -, Gardaí or DLR Co. Co. Graffiti Dept 01-2054817.
  • If possible remove graffiti from your property as soon as possible or paint over.
  • Consider screening boundary walls with plants, trees, shrubs to discourage graffiti.
  • Promotion of anti-graffiti awareness throughout community.

Negative Effects of Graffiti:

  • Poses a risk to the health, safety and welfare of our community. 
  • Cost to building owner, community and taxpayers to remove or cover up.
  • Can damage the surface of some materials.
  • Unsightly graffiti will make buildings, businesses and the community less attractive.
  • Can adversely affect property values, business opportunities and the enjoyment of community life.
  • Negative impact on tourism and business.
  • Negative impact on community pride and identity.
Door before
Graffiti before
Painted Doorway
Graffiti after