Keep Our Beaches Clean

Sun is shining, long weekend looming, heading to the beach?

Please help keep out coasts clean and safe.

Leave Plastic Behind
Stay away from those evil plastic bags. The best you can do is bring your snacks and such in reusable bags or containers. It is a perfect prevention method and you still get to enjoy those chips and chocolates you love so much.

Throw Everything Away
Bring your own bags with you, this will ensure you throw everything away. Rubbish doesn’t just disappear and we all know it, so take everything you brought back with you and that will make the ocean smile.

If You Spot Trash…
You’re most likely to find a bottle or two as you stroll on the beach! It’s okay if you safely pick it up and throw it away. We know it’s impossible for you to go OCD and pick up everything you spot on the beach, but picking up a couple of leftovers will do good to keep the beach clean.

Make Small Changes
Bring a reusable water bottle to your beach day instead of disposable water bottles.

Take Care Of Your Pets
If you’ve brought your puppy to the beach, that’s great, nothing beats a puppy trying to swim. However, remember to pick up their little gifts.

Smoking Kills and not just you
Cigarette butts are one of the leading pollutants. There’s so many negative effects on a single piece, you wouldn’t believe. Smoke all you want of course we won’t tell you what to do but if you do smoke, dispose of the cigarette butt properly so it doesn’t go near the water or sand. This will keep the beach clean.

Encourage Everyone!
We’re pretty sure almost everyone has a place in their heart for the beach, so pass on the word, help us keep the beach clean, our marine life safe and the beach beautiful!